Auto conical pail production line
Main feature
1.Automated control system, servo control
2.Touch panel interface
3.Automatic fault detection system
4.Simple structure, convenient operation and adjustment
5.High productivity

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Jiujiang Yixin Technology Co., Ltd.

A specialist manufacturer of metal packaging machines,designed, produced, after-sales service

Jiujiang Yixin Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the intersection of Yangtze River and Beijing-Kowloon Railway in Jiu Jiang City, Jiang Xi Province China. Tourist summer resort, Lu Shan Mountain just back of Jiu Jiang City, Jiujiang Yixin Technology Co., Ltd is one company concentrate on Research and Development, Design, Manufacturing, Sales and services metal packing machinery manufacturer.......

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Yixin Technology

4 advantages

Meet your various needs!

Unique geographical advantages, focus on professional

Jiujiang Yixin Technology Co., Ltd. Has given full play to its unique geographical advantages since its inception

Specializing in developing and developing metal cans packing machinery and other light mechanical products

With a number of patent certificates, won a number of awards

By consuming a new patent certificate

Excellent enterprise

Customer first, quality first, honest service, innovative development

First class technology, superior performance

Have the first-class research and engineering team and the excellent equipment production and processing equipment

Stable performance, high automation, high productivity, superior performance value

Perfect after-sales service Cooperative worry free

24 hours for you

Strictly after-sales, supervising, ensuring the quality of after-market service

One-to-one service, national service hotline:+86-7928358866

Exhibition display

We will be of good quality, preferential prices for users to provide thoughtful service, welcomed the vast numbers of users come to call business negotiations!

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Layer upon layer——Only for customers to create high-quality, high-quality products

The company has first-class scientific research and engineering team and well-equipped equipment for processing and production

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